Susan S. Bank: Cuban Reality

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© Susan S. Banks - Piercing the Darkness

© Susan S. Bank – Piercing the Darkness

Looking at Susan S. Bank‘s pictures of Cuba is discovering the country’s people. No clichés there. No 1950’s American cars rendered in flashy colors. No sugar cane croppers, no images of beaches and landscapes with the flavor of a tourist brochure. Ms. Bank works in black and white, and rigorously composes her images. We all read about Cartier-Bresson’s leitmotiv “the decisive moment”, which is what most of her pictures exude. Continue reading

Ragnar Axelsson: Arctic Cultures

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© Ragnar Axelsson – Last Days of the Arctic

Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson knew early in life what he wanted to be. He started his formal training when he was 16 years old, working and learning in a  studio of photography.
Two years later he became a staff photographer for Morgunbladid, a major Icelandic newspaper. Axelsson, who also goes by the nickname Rax, still works for the newspaper, having the license to take long trips to shoot documentaries and long-term projects. Continue reading

Alain Kaiser: Front Polisario

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© Alain Kaiser - Front Polisario

© Alain Kaiser – Front Polisario

Alain Kaiser is a French photographer based in Boersch, north-eastern France. An eclectic photographer, with a passion for documentaries, he taught photography at Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, in Strasbourg, while conducting workshops for photojournalists in Paris. As President and member of the programming committee, he is also actively involved with Stimultania, a powerhouse not-for-profit organization exhibiting and promoting original photographic works. And he still finds the time, and energy, to shoot the international productions of the Strasbourg National Opera. Over the years Kaiser has created a remarkable body of work by covering the Polisario Front activities, a North-African nationalist organization, whose main goal is the independence of Western Sahara. He traveled there for the first time in 1979, embedding himself with a Polisario commando, Continue reading

Luc Novovitch: The Japanese 1980-2005

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© Luc Novovitch - Ginza, Tokyo.

© Luc Novovitch – Ginza, Tokyo.

Luc Novovitch, was born in Casablanca, Morocco, raised in Switzerland and educated in France. A former news photographer for Reuters, AFP and Gamma agencies, he moved to far West Texas in 1998. The image presented on narratives21 is from the series The Japanese 1980-2005.  After more than two decades working as a photojournalist in Europe, Africa and the U.S., Novovitch decided to concentrate anew on documentaries and fine art photography. Continue reading